Primary Pursuits

BOI’s core services that help us solve problems with clients.


The BOI Leadership System promotes the health of organizations, the people in them, and the processes that make the business tick.

The pursuit of leading well rolls into a project management system and the customer experience journey.

Brand Stewardship & Marketing

Story telling, analytics, etc.

Ongoing progress causes tremendous results. BOI leverages truth, goodness, and beauty as tactical and practical ways of solving problems.

We also strive for permanent solutions to systemic problems to build ever-strengthening workflows.


Organizational transformation can’t happen without the technology to support it.

Moving your technology to the cloud and training your staff on how to successfully work anywhere is part of how BOI helps your team succeed.


Get a sense of how our brand leadership gets embodied

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A small sampling of our skills at your disposal

“That’s what we storytellers do.
We restore order with

Walt Disney