Our marketing efforts respond to the results they achieve which are displayed in these tools.

Global Email Marketing Scorecard

Reveals: Which emails are getting what results

The Global Email Marketing Scorecard shows results of the different types of emails that we send (weekly newsletter, featured events, catalog, dedicated event promotion) for a trend-based analysis.

Social Media & Video Scorecard

Reveals: Reach and interaction performance

The Social and Video Scorecard identifies the key data points related to user behavior that we want to optimize for.

Featured Events Scorecard

Reveals: Registration progress for your most important events

The Featured Events & Products Scorecard identifies which marketing actions produce the most purchases of featured events and products.

Website Traffic Scorecard

Reveals: Acquisition and conversion performance by source and campaign

The Website Traffic Scorecard shows acquisition and conversion performance based on traffic source, medium, and campaign for a trend-based analysis.


Interrogating the data that is generated from marketing campaigns.

Membership Renewal Dashboard

Reveals: Up-to-date statistics about the state of the member renewal campaign

“Where are we with member renewals?” Look here. See the raw numbers, where we are year-over-year, and where we are by member segment.


Connect Discussion Groups Dashboard

Reveals: Community engagement health, user participation, and message volume

As members ask questions and share insight in the online forum platform, you can see engagement metrics.

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