In the Fall of 2012, we embarked on an ambitious documentary project to reveal a “day in the life” of each on of our Blue Ocean Ideas staff members, Brian, Chris, Anna Grace, Maggie, Greg, and me.

Admittedly, this type of project could appear to have an unbecoming self-focus. “Look at us! We’re great!”

But our goal for the project was the opposite. We intended this series of films to actually serve our clients and prospective clients.

Consultants must earn enormous trust from their clients for their advice to be acted upon. Creatives must earn enormous trust from their clients for their work to be shown to the world.

Creative consultants, therefore, absolutely must have a preeminent focus on earning trust. For the sake of the usefulness of our own work, and for the sake of being able to help our clients, trust has to be paramount.

You’ve experienced this before: when you get to know someone, you start to trust them. When you know their story, their personality starts to make sense. As transparency grows, relationships deepen.

While these “day in the life” films don’t share our deepest, darkest secrets, they do offer a glimpse into what our lives look like.

Will this help us do better work for our clients? We hope so. Will the project turn some people off? Probably.

But the risk is worth it when trust is at stake.

What would it be like if you could show your clients and friends a day in your life?

We’ve embedded the Day In the Life film for each of our staff people below.



Anna Grace