Several months ago I set out to capture what a day in the life of each of our employees was like. My goal was to use visual narratives to capture the unique personalities of each member of our team. Relationships are a priority to us, and I knew our clients and friends would love seeing a glimpse into our real lives.

I also loved the opportunity to get to know my co-workers on a more intimate level. How often have you stood at the foot of your co-workers bed? I have. Multiple times for each person who works here.

greg_headshot brody_headshot brian_headshot ag_headshot maggie_headshot topher_headshot

I used different shot types for each person and focused on isolated moments and mannerisms to capture the subtle things that make each unique. As we posted the first few online the feedback was incredible. Our clients, friends, and business associates loved seeing a glimpse behind the curtain of our real lives.

Then it was time to make my own “Day in the Life” video.

How do you capture the film guy on film? For the amount of time I’ve spent around cameras I have little experience in front of them. I had to listen to the same things I tell clients: “Be yourself,” “Act natural,” “It’s a conversation.”

We turned to one of our friends Lee to help direct me. Lee brought a fresh set of eyes and some new ideas to something that had become muscle memory for me. He was able to take his unique style and tie it in to what had become our look and feel.

It worked. When I brought the footage into the editor I was able to stitch the story together in the same way we had done with the others. Drawing on the visual and audible cues I worked to make the edit feel seamless and smooth.

This project has been so much fun, and based on the feedback we’ve gotten, it’s been a great tool in helping to tell our own story well. Branding is the art of associating symbols and emotions with your organization. Our hope is that when people think of Blue Ocean Ideas, they think of our team as real people who know how to solve real communications challenges because we live real lives.