It will be a slightly quieter week at Blue Ocean Ideas.

Anna Grace is with Kevin in Jamaica. Maggie is with Patrick on a cruise. And Brian and Alissa just got back from their honeymoon in Punta Cana a couple weeks ago.

It’s been wedding season here. Three back-to-back. And it’s been great.

Each wedding had its own flair. Each had special attention to different special details. Each was beautiful.

And the Blue Ocean Ideas family grows. We are so fortunate to have Kevin, Patrick, and Alissa as family now.

As Creative Director, I’m confident that marriage will inherently help each of these three rock stars be even better in their roles here. My own marriage continues to change and challenge me in so many ways, and the residual benefits I can bring to my work–for my team and our clients–are also growing (slowly).

Maybe this proves that the benefits aren’t so “residual.” Maybe it shows that each of us lives only one life (not a “work life” and a “family life”). I’m not a different person at home than I am at work. As such, I don’t pursue much work-life balance either. That would be to draw a distinction that isn’t real.

The way things are between my wife Lisa and me affects my work. The way things are at work affects my time with Lisa. And that is not a call to separate the two. It’s a call to make sure that what happens in each venue–in every venue of my life–can help sustain and improve all the others. To sail a ship, it’s changing the tension in the lines of the sails that get you to go certain directions and certain times. Tension, not balance.

I hope that working at Blue Ocean Ideas helps improve and sustain all of the marriages of our staff. And I’m very sure that being married is going to help improve and sustain our team and our work.